About Us - Famac Portuguese Furniture - Over 30 years of history

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FAMAC - Indústria de Mobiliário, Lda.

Over 30 years of existence and experience.

  • History
    With origins in an old carpentry and joinery, FAMAC Indústria de Mobiliário, Lda, has over 30 years of existence and experience in the manufacture and sale of furniture.
  • Mission
    With a factory unit of 7000m2 and a young and dynamic team, FAMAC is always following trends, in order to offer its customers a wide range of modern and quality lines of furniture.
  • Vision
    FAMAC's main objective is to satisfy the customer, guaranteeing the best quality, a variety of products and the best quality / price ratio.
  • Products
    To discover something, first, we must look carefully. Then we learn to contemplate it and, in the end, we can no longer live without what we have just discovered. This is what happens with the details and products of FAMAC, which is dedicated to the passion for small and large details, because a small difference is essential. The creation of ideas and novelties for its new collections is a project that the company lives every day, rich in functional solutions in which aesthetics is combined with the needs of everyday life.